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Did the HR crises cast shadow on CBI & the Govt?

By IndianMandarins- 28 Oct 2018


Indianmandarins has been constantly highlighting for the last few years how the persistent acute shortage of officers in various police and civil organizations has been undermining their optimal performance. Once again, the issue has come to the fore in the faction feud of the CBI top bosses even though politics may be tending to cloud the core structural and HR issues undermining the functioning of CBI.


It is believed that had HR issues (inordinate delays in filling-up senior posts) been addressed and resolved well on time, the CBI wouldn't have suffered the kind of faction feud that has exposed it to judicial and public scrutiny. Certainly, the higher-ups failed miserably to sense the crises and foresee the worsening situation which reflected symptoms in March 2017 itself.


It may be underlined that any institution or system evolved over decades is always configured with self-remedial powers. Distribution of power plays a crucial role in balancing the ambition and functioning of an organization. Woefully, no government or top CBI officers had ever tried to sort out the managerial and HR issues within the organization.


In this context, it is worth underlining that the CBI has been functioning with extremely depleted strengths for over a year; three ADG level and approx 12 Joint Director and few DIG level posts have been vacant.


It means that for over a year most of the Joint Director level officers have been holding several additional charges. More additional charges equipped them with vast jurisdictions with limited accountability. It simply went against the principle of ‘distribution of power’ and ‘balance of power’. This triggered off its fallout across the organization and sabotaged the team spirit. Consequently, officers across all ranks - not excluding the chief and his deputy - started working at cross purposes.


It is anybody's guess if the government had at all acted in the case of the CBI faction feud if its own prestige and political narrative had not been tarred by the No. 01 & No. 02 exposing each-other's acts of omission and commission. So, after dithering for a while, for the first time ever perhaps, the Govt was constrained to use its extraordinary power under section 4(2) of the DPSE Act and based on the recommendation of CVC (under section 8 of CVC act 2003) it sent the top two on (forced) leave

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