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Department of Military Affairs: Thakur & Shantanu become first JS

By IndianMandarins- 21 Jan 2020


The NaMo administration on Monday appointed two joint secretaries in the newly-created Department of Military Affairs (DMA) under the Defence Ministry. Rajeev Singh Thakur (IAS:1995:RJ) and Shantanu (IAS:1997:TR) became first two joint secretaries in DMA headed by India’s first Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat.

Apart from the two joint secretaries, DMA will be staffed with 13 deputy secretaries, 25 under secretaries, 22 section officers and a support staff of around 100 people.

The DMA is an addition to the four existing verticals in the defence ministry --- the Departments of Defence, Department of Defence Production, Department of Defence Research and Development and Department of Ex-servicemen welfare.

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