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Deciphering political meaning of Surat court’s ruling on Rahul

By Rakesh Ranjan- 23 Mar 2023


New Delhi (23.03.2023): A local court in Surat in Gujarat has sentenced senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for two years in jail for making defamatory comments on ‘Modi’ surname but this decision of sentencing of Gandhi scion will open up a Pandora’s Box in the country. From arguments like freedom of speech being throttled in India to Caesar's wife is not above suspicion will figure in debate and public speaking.  It will also be discussed who benefits from this development. The BJP is known for turning crisis into opportunity unlike the Congress which masters in turning opportunity into a crisis like a novice. Let’s try to figure out arguments that are likely to be traded by the ruling dispensation and the Opposition against each other and their likely repercussions.   

For the Opposition…

  •  As always, the Opposition will try to put across its view that there is no freedom of speech in India.
  •  Accusations will be made that opposition leaders are attacked under a vendetta to frighten them.
  • This might have its impact on Opposition leaders who may confine themselves in safety chambers to avoid any risk.
  • But the onslaught may boomerang and may make them fearless to get united to fight it out.
  • In other cases, a section of the Opposition may keep its distance from Congress which could be a setback for Opposition unity for the 2024 LS Polls.
  • The Congress may now get busy with crisis management and get diverted from the various ensuing elections.
  • The episode may discourage ground-level workers as if party leaders are unable to defend themselves who will defend workers.
  • Decisions of the Lower court in Gujarat may also be questioned by the Opposition to target the government.
  • Resourceful BJP will not let the Congress to work on the ground and its revival plans will get a serious beating.
  • The court decision and aftermath may bring every gain of the Bharat Jodo Yatra to naught.
  • For the Congress, it appears to be a lone battle of Rahul Gandhi and not of the organization as such. The endurance of others appears to be missing.


For the BJP…

  • Rahul’s image may get a further dent with matters like statements during BJY, statements during his London visit, the National Herald case, and apology on ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ zibe
  • Interestingly if the Superior court alters the decision of lower court, it may not work well for Congress due to the constant tussle between the government and the SC
  • With the mother-son duo on bail and son-in-law under investigation, the BJP will drum beat that no one is above the law including Gandhies.
  • Rahul Gandhi is a habitual offender and keeps on doing such things will become BJP’s tool to politically attack him.
  • The BJP will try to validate its demand for an apology from Rahul for his statement in London.
  • The sentiment of the poor and OBC PM being attacked by elite Gandhies will be played out.
  • There are many Opposition parties that are not ready to accept Rahul as an Opposition leader giving strength to the BJP.
  • The BJP will go all out against Rahul to discredit him for once and all in the 2024 LS Polls.
  • The BJP is fighting collectively from party organization to social media making the onslaught appear to be organic.

(Rakesh Ranjan)

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