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Curious case of Ajay Mittal: Competence Vs personal loyalty

By IndianMandarins- 22 Mar 2019


Power corridors often look curious over the future prospects of retired IAS officers and those approaching retirement age. Take, for instance, the case of former Union Secretary for I&B and DoPT I&B Ajay Mittal (Retd IAS:1984:HP) who, in the official circle, is known for his affinity for Hindutva philosophy. However, he is also known for his dedicated professionalism and his peers often underline his attributes as a credible civil servant. Indeed, his sense of professionalism always overrides his political philosophy come what may. 


So, despite his well-known penchant for Hindutva, he has not been picked up for any post-retirement prize postings, even as many of his peers, on account of their allegedly pliant attitude, have been picked up for accommodations in organizations/institutions like Air India, Competition Commission of India, IRDAI, Election Commission, UPSC, CAG etc.


Even though the country’s top political authorities are known to have much soft corner for civil servants dedicated to Hindutva philosophy. At the same time the country’s top authority is seen uncomfortable with such officers who display high professionalism and refuse to compromise the service code for their personal political beliefs. 


Mittal's case may suggest that it is neither the ideological nor the high degree of professionalism that can earn one a reward from the NaMo administration; all that matters in the administration is one's willingness to take orders and execute them. But that has been the hallmark of all administrations in the country. So, the present NaMo administration can't really be singled out for that.

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