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Centre: DMs and SPs responsible for implementing directions on lockdown under DM Act

By IndianMandarins- 29 Mar 2020


Emphasising once again that three weeks of strict enforcement is essential to contain spread of corona virus Centre in its latest statement has said that Cabinet secretary and MHA are in constant touch with State Chief Secretaries and DGPs to enforce strict implementation of lockdown. The Centre has once again reiterated that;
  1. States have been directed to ensure there is no movement, except essential goods and services, of people across cities or on highways and district and state borders should be effectively sealed.
  2. DMs and SPs should be made personally responsible for implementation of these directions which have been issued under the DM Act.
  3. Adequate arrangements for food and shelter of poor and needy people including migrant labourers be made at the place of their work. Centre had yesterday issued orders for use of SDRF funds for this purpose. Sufficient funds are available with States in this head.
  4. States have been also told to ensure timely payment of wages to labourers at their place of work during the period of lockdown without any cut. House Rent should not be demanded from the labourers for this period. Action should be taken against those who are asking labourers or students to vacate the premises.

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