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CBIC: Work allocated among Board Members post Ranjan’s appointment

By IndianMandarins- 15 May 2023


New Delhi (15.05.2023): Following the appointment of Vivek Ranjan (IRS C&IT: 1988) as Member, CBIC, Ministry of Finance (MoF) rehashed the work roster.

A Department of Revenue notification on CBIC on work allocation reads: “Consequent upon appointment of Vivek Ranjan as Member, CBIC it has been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority to allocate charges among the Members of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, as under, until further orders.”

Accordingly, Vivek Johri, Chairman CBIC, will be supervising Zones and Directorate Generals (all Members); Rajiv Talwar, Member (Customs); Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Member (Compliance Management); Alok Shukla, Member (Administration & Vigilance); V Rama Mathew, Member (IT, Taxpayer Services & Technology); Shashank Priya, Member (GST, Central Excise, Service Tax); Vivek Ranjan, Member (Tax Policy and Legal).

Vivek Johri (IRS C&CE: 1985), Chairman CBIC:-

Supervising Zones

  • Directorate Generals (All Members)

Rajiv Talwar (IRS C&IT:1988), Member (Customs):

  • Directorate General of Export Promotion;
  • Directorate General of Valuation;
  • Authority of Advance Ruling; Central Revenue Control Laboratories;
  • Directorate of International Customs.

Central Region:

  • Pr. Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Lucknow;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX and Customs, Meerut;
  • Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Bhopal; Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Nagpur.

 Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Member (Compliance Management):

  • Directorate General of Revenue Intelligence;
  • Directorate General of Goods and Service Tax Intelligence;
  • Directorate General of Analytics and Risk Management;
  • Directorate General of Audit; Commissioner (PAC).

Preventive Zones:

  • Chief Commissioner Customs (Prev.), Tiruchirappalli;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs (Prev.), Patna;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs (Prev.), Delhi;
  • All Preventive Commissionerates regardless of the Zone within whose jurisdiction they fall.

Alok Shukla (IRS C&IT:1988), Member (Administration & Vigilance):

  • Directorate General of NACIN;
  • Directorate General of Vigilance;
  • Directorate General of Human Resource Development;
  • Directorate General of Performance Management

East Region:

  • Pr. Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Kolkata;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Kolkata;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX & Customs, Guwahati;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX & Customs, Bhubaneswar;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX & Customs, Ranchi

V Rama Mathew, Member ((IT, Taxpayer Services & Technology):

  • Directorate General of Systems & Data Management;
  • Directorate General of Taxpayer Services;
  • Directorate General of LogisticsWest Region:

  • Pr Chief Commissioner G$T & CX, Ahmedabad;
  • Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Vadodara;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Ahmedabad;
  • Pro Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Mumbai;
  • Pr. Chief Commissioner Customs, Mumbai-I;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Mumbai-II;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Mumbai -III;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX & Customs, Pune            

Shashank Priya (IRS C&IT: 1988), Member (GST, Central Excise, Service Tax):

  • Directorate General of Goods & Services Tax;
  • Directorate General of National Anti-Profiteering;

 North Region:

  • Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Jaipur;
  • Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Chandigarh;
  • Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Panchkula;
  • Pr. Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Delhi;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Delhi  

Vivek Ranjan (IRS C&IT: 1988), Member (Tax Policy and Legal)

  • Chief Commissioner (A.R.), CESTAT;
  • Settlement Commission;
  • Directorate of Legal Affairs;

South Region:

  • Pr. Chief Commissioner GST & CX, Bengaluru;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Bengaluru;
  • Pr. Chief Commissioner of GST & CX, Chennai;
  • Chief Commissioner Customs, Chennai;
  • Chief Commissioner of GST, CX & Customs, Thiruvananthapuram;
  • Chief Commissioner GST, CX & Customs, Hyderabad;
  • Chief Commissioner, GST, CX & Customs, Visakhapatnam;

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