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Board of Directors: VRS of a Director hangs in balance?

By IndianMandarins- 18 Sep 2019


A senior board level official in country’s key public sector entity is under troubles since May this year. In an unwarranted situation, the top official chose to opt for VRS but that did not prove to be enough to ease him out. If some top sources in a premier agency is to be believed the notice period for VRS ended in the first week of August 2019 but the administrative ministry extended the timeline for a particular reason.

As per rules the acceptance of VRS application requires vigilance clearance but the agencies do not find the case fit for clearance and his VRS has been hanging in balance for now.

Irony is that even though the Board-level official wants to get rid of corruption charges mere few months ahead of retirement, he finds himself in a catch 22 situation.


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