BJP mulls panel for YouTubers

By IndianMandarins- 05 Oct 2023


New Delhi (05.10.2023): Grapevine is abuzz that the BJP is considering a dedicated panel of party spokespersons for YouTube channels on suggestions of around 200 odd YouTubers who were recently invited by the party for interaction at its headquarters in New Delhi. Something was likely to happen in this regard as the PM too asked YouTubers and other content creators to inspire people. The BJP knows it very well that virtual world is not only going to play a crucial role but may become a game changer similar to the role played by electronic media over a decade ago. As per the sources, YouTubers aired their grievances too that they don’t get right kind of attention from the BJP spokespersons but now with the upcoming elections, the party is reaching out to them. A dedicated team of spokespersons for YouTube will be a reality soon?

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