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An MBBS turned IAS officer comes up with comprehensive study on Coronavirus

By - 24 Mar 2020


Amid worst Coronavirus scare, Dr Mrinalini Darswal, an MBBS Doctor turned IAS officer, has come up with the most comprehensive and researched document on how to fight with CORONA. In her work she has outlined exhaustive detail about the outbreak of Coronavirus across the world and where India stands with its infrastructure and weather conditions with summer approaching. She also underlines that Indian Prime Minister Modi’s premise “Sankalp” and “Sanyam” (commitment and restraint), if followed properly, would prove to be a turning point in fighting the challenge.

Darswal, former Special Secretary, Health and Drug Controller, Govt of NCT of Delhi, tells in her research paper that how Indian case is different from the rest of the world. What could be the best case scenario and worst case scenario as well for India. She has also suggested that what measures could be taken by the India to deal with it as it is not only the responsibility of the government but people also to take equal care to fight the menace. They also need to follow the government instruction.

If it is unchecked in the third stage fatality will be massive as in worst case scenario 11 per cent of people will be affected and 3 per cent will need hospitalisation with 1 per cent in ICU which is huge number in Indian scenario. If we extrapolate the stats to India, that is 152 million requiring medical care, 41.4 million hospitalisations with 12 million in critical care/ICU. (Indian Population- 1.38 billion in 2020). So one can understand the magnitude of the catastrophe. The author of the work presently pursuing her Masters in Economics from University of Texas, Austin, USA. She also did her Major in Data Analytics from University of McCoumb, Austin, USA.


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