AF, Army and Navy workout protocols to deal with Corona outbreak

By IndianMandarins- 25 Mar 2020


Indian Air Force and Indian Army too have announced certain protocols to deal with the swift spread of Covid-19 in view of an Army personnel tested positive. It decided to ban persons showing symptoms from boarding service aircraft advising pilots not to step out of the cockpit and restricting movement of army personnel in 82 districts that are in lockdown.

Army directed soldiers to maintain a daily log of who they meet. With the confirmation of its first case of Covid-19 -- a 34-year-old soldier had tested positive in Leh. It had then banned all entry and exit to and from the Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre where the man was posted.

Cancellation of all non-essential training, conferences and travel has already been effected including avoiding any assembly of more than 50 personnel. New instructions to combat Covid-19 were also issued by the Navy after the lockdown of 82 districts that include key bases such as Mumbai and Vizag.MoSPI decides to utilize MPLADS funds to address COVID-19 crisis

MoSPI has decided to utilize funds under MPLADS to address challenges in the fight against COVID-19. This is besides Rs 15000 that the government has earmarked to deal with the Coronavirus. This will facilitate MPs to recommend funds for the purchase of equipments for Government Hospitals / Dispensaries for medical testing and screening of patients and also facilitate in setting up other related facilities in their respective constituencies. As per the amendments to MPLADS Guidelines, Members of Parliament can now utilize funds under MPLADS for the following:

Infra-Red thermometers (Non-contact) to enable doctors and medical personnel to record and track a person’s temperature

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kits to keep the medical personnel well-protected and enable them to function efficiently by minimizing the risk of transmission

Thermal imaging scanners or cameras for railway stations, airports and other points of entry which allow detecting of temperature from a safe distance.

CORONA testing kits approved by M/o Health and Family Welfare

ICU Ventilator and Isolation/ Quarantine Wards within their approved facilities. Face masks, gloves and Sanitizers for medical personnel.

Any other medical equipment recommended by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19.

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