A Union Secretary apprehends being shunted out laterally

By IndianMandarins- 08 Dec 2023


New Delhi (08.12.2023): A Union Secretary in a key ministry is said to have been under constant apprehension of being shunted out laterally to some other inconsequential ministry/department for which he/she would not be directly responsible. 
Sources say that the apprehension may turns out to be reality or many not as well but for the last several weeks, it has been doing rounds so the officer feels the heat for using the phrase in the DO  which in no time turned out to be politically inappropriate and created ripples across. Though key offices swung into action and appropriate course correction was done. It may be underlined that such issues short live and rarely cast shadow on one’s prospects but when they become distasteful to the establishment, they keep haunting. 
A section of peers believes that it has put several secretaries on a caution mode to avert any such situation.

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