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A book ‘Redesign Your Life in Modern Age’ to be released on December 15

By IndianMandarins- 12 Nov 2019


A book titled ‘Redesign Your Life in Modern Age’ is being released on December 15 at Kamani Auditorium. The book is authored by former Union Mines Secretary and serving Member of RERA (U.P.) Balvinder Kumar (Retd IAS:1981:UP) is about human journey in modern times with the new challenges and opportunities. It covers more than 60 topics with illustrations ranging from human destiny to inner journey, from pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, mental stress and loneliness to pleasure, happiness and success. From the early childhood experiences to the process of dying and even death and from inner working of mind and inner self to materialistic world, God and spirituality. The book also talks about science of meditation, mindful existence, to ‘doing nothing’. This is a fascinating collection of interesting topics to read and contemplate.

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