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What can an IAS officer do?

By IndianMandarins- 16 Jan 2019


If you are Asheesh Singh (IAS:2010:MP), Indore Municipal Commissioner, you can do a lot to make the life of your fellow citizens liveable.


In 2014, when Indore, the commercial capital of MP, got a terrible rank in the Swachh Survekshan, the authorities and citizens recognized that they must do something to redeem their honor. But they didn't know how.


On the outskirts of the city, a 100-acre dumpsite continued to overflow with legacy waste—recyclables like plastic, metal and the rest that were devastating the environment and making the life of people living in the nearby colony a real hell.

Even as the Indore Municipal Corporation resorted to the practical and feasible bio-remediation process to clear out the dump, the process didn't acquire the speed that was desirable.


Enter Asheesh as IMC Municipal Commissioner in May 2018. Waited for him was 13 lakh tonnes of waste. In the two years prior to May 2018 when he joined, the IMC was able to clear out just 2 lakh tonnes.


He began with the idea that to turn the dumpsite into a beautiful golf course. Of course, our leftist leaders would have a problem with this idea. Anyway...


He organized the people, the corporation, and leveraged the power of the government.

And lo and behold, the job was done scientifically in six months at a cost of a measly Rs 10 crores versus the estimated cost of Rs 65 crores if the work was given to a contractor.


Of course, it was too bad for leftist leaders; they didn't get their commission. And since the reclaimed land may be turned into a golf course, the 100-acre plot worth Rs 400 crores can't be turned into JJ colonies. Too bad for the best friends of the poor and landless.


Ask Asheesh how he did it.

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