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Trainee IAS officers being sent directly to field job

By IndianMandarins- 16 May 2020


Total 96 out of 182 trainee IAS officers have left Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie for their respective postings by road amid Covid-19 lockdown to begin their year-long field training as assistant collectors. Remaining officers are awaiting the resumption of flights.


These trainee officers generally spend between a month and three months at state academies mostly at the beginning of their field training and attend lectures. But due to Covid-19 pandemic, they are being moved directly to districts.


Officers travelling to far off states such as Sikkim, Assam, Telangana, Karnataka and West Bengal are waiting for flights to resume. Their convocation was held on May 8. Some of the 96 officers travelled in cars sent by their respective states to pick them up from the Academy while others first travelled on 30-seater buses from Mussoorie to Delhi before leaving for their districts.

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