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Supriya Sahu honoured the unsung heroes of “The Elephant Whisperers”

By IndianMandarins- 16 Mar 2023


Chennai (16.03.2023):The Elephant Whisperers has won the coveted Oscar award which is based on the conservation story of Raghu and Ammu – the elephant calves. Conservation of elephants is an arduous task with utmost dedication, scientific approach and empathy towards these animals which are part of the socio-religious society like India. Tamil Nadu is the state where elephants are found in good numbers so the issue is taken care of at the government level also. Elephants need care and conservation with a scientific approach and this is what the film The Elephant Whisperers talks about. Mudumalai camp was set up in 1910 where elephants are conserved with traditional and scientific approach to help elephants with the help of Mahout & Cavady. The elephant calf Raghu is kept there. This can help the proliferating tourism sector in the state and the country as well.
Additional Chief Secretary in Environment Climate Change and Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu Supriya Sahu (IAS: 1991: TN) Tweeted: “While the spotlight is rightly on Bellie & Bomman, let's not forget that every Mahout & Cavady looks after our precious elephants with deep commitment & passion. The CM @mkstalin sanctioned cash grants & houses for all our 91 Mahouts & Cavadis.” The role of Mahouts & Cavadis are very important in the conservation of scientific approach as well by sending them to countries like Thailand to learn new methods of conservation besides traditional ways.

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