Some glimpse of misinformation before the great show of democracy begins!

By IndianMandarins- 13 Mar 2024


New Delhi (13.03.2024): Now, there is a no holds barred rivalry in India where everyone is trying to score over each other whether by fair or foul means, the fake news about Two Elections Commissioner being appoint is one such ugly display while the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. Media managing department of the government, PIB tweeted that the order doing rounds is fake.
Allegedly the trend was started by the present dispensation but people who are trying or who are attempting to do so are failing to don their shows miserably. There are at least four mistakes in the order that is on social media. The moment it is circulated in the social media, it drew attention of everyone and bureaucrats fails to recognise names listed in the order to their amusement. The roller coaster ride of such things will continue till 2024 Lok Sabha elections are not over.

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