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Shah Faesal’s tweets give speculation to his return

By IndianMandarins- 28 Apr 2022


New Delhi (28.04.2022): Former IAS officer Shah Faesal dropped hints about his return to the government service. In a series of tweets, Faisal spoke about his idealism letting him down in 2019 when he resigned from government service to join politics. Faesal Tweeted: “Eight months of my life (Jan 2019-Aug 2019) created so much baggage that I was almost finished. While chasing a chimera, I lost almost everything that I had built over the years. Job. Friends. Reputation. Public goodwill. But I never lost hope. My idealism had let me down.”
Faesal did not clarify what he meant by “another chance”, speculation has been rife over the past year that he might return to government service either as an IAS officer or in some advisory role to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.
It is always worth giving ourselves another chance and as I turn 39 next month, I am really excited to start all over again, he wrote.
Faesal, who topped the UPSC examination in 2009, resigned from service in January 2019, citing “rising intolerance” in India.

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