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Retirement age 58 years: The ghost returns

By IndianMandarins- 05 Nov 2019


Sometime it is 62 years, sometimes it is 58 years and sometimes 33 years of the service. The ghost keeps resurfacing with a new face and obviously refuse to die down. After the gap of a couple of weeks, the rumour on Monday resurfaced that NaMo Govt has finally decided lowering of retirement age from 60 yrs to 58 yrs.

Govt officials close to certain top officials said that the 06th and the last round of meeting concluded last week. It was claimed that post meeting, a sealed envelope was sent to the top for approval. It was also added that as per the final note, the Govt has already considered financial packages for compensating early retirement.

Proponents of this theory say that even though the NaMo administration has been implementing forced retirement under the Rule FR 56J, it is cumbersome process and highly prone to judicial review as well. Whereas lowering the retirement age of the Central Govt employees from 60 yrs to 58 yrs would be easier to achieve the desired goal.

But what appeared interesting is that contrary to the rumours Indianmandarins’ learnt through some key officials that no such proposal has been initiated as yet. Reportedly, even if there is any truth it might be in the confines of PMO only. But the ghost of retirement age refuses to die down.   

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