REC, JPDCL and J-PAL ink pact

By IndianMandarins- 26 Apr 2022


Gurugram (28.04.2022): REC Ltd and Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited (JPDCL) has partnered with the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) South Asia to test the impact of smart meters on improving consumer payments and electricity delivery in Jammu.
They will collaborate to leverage existing administrative data for exploring ways to reduce electricity theft and faulty billing. The insights gleaned from this analysis will inform the randomized evaluations led by professors’ who are a part of J-PAL’s global network to evaluate the impact of smart meters on improving billing accuracy and on other features such as remote disconnections, prepaid metering, and online billing.
People living in low-to-middle income countries often receive erratic power supply and suffer from electricity theft and non-payment. Smart meters, which measure electricity consumption in real-time and feed the data into a central system, are considered to be a potential solution to alleviate these problems.

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