RCP Saga: Will Sun set on Nitish or still new dawn awaits?

By IndianMandarins- 15 Jun 2022


Patna (15.06.2022): The game of nerves is continuing between Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and the BJP. If Nitish has sacrificed his pawn who is allegedly switching sides then the BJP is likely to use him to arm-twist one of its most recalcitrant allies. To put pressure on RCP Singh, the JD (U) quota minister in the Modi government, the party has taken back his Patna Bungalow and immediately allotted it to the Chief Secretary to get it vacated.

Several close allies of RCP Singh have been expelled from the party including the most vocal and known face on TV – Dr Ajay Alok. Interestingly Nitish failed to read moves of Singh despite the fact that bureaucrats in general and an IPS officer, in particular, indicated around nine months back RCP Singh’s hobnobbing with the BJP. Now JD (U) parliamentary board leader Upendra Kushwaha demanded his resignation from the Union cabinet. But BJP seems to have caught a parrot of the magicians in RCP Singh. So there is certainly a roadblock for JD (U)-BJP but will the Sunset on Nitish or still, a new dawn awaits?

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