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Railways: CRB clears apprehension of officers via VC

By IndianMandarins- 04 Jan 2020


As the post of Railway Board chairman will be changed to CEO, its last Chairman from Indian Railways services V K Yadav, who is working on extension, on Friday addressed hundreds of officers from existing eight Group A services of the Railways (SAG and above) through video conferencing to clear air on certain apprehension plaguing them. If top officials are to be believed, Yadav clarified that merger of existing eight Group A services of Railways into a Central Service called Indian Railway Management Service (IRMS) would be an year-long process and hence it is not going to adversely affect promotional and career prospects of any officer.

Insiders say that Yadav further indicated that in another one month it may execute a few provisions:-

- Appointment of four members for the Railway Board based on functional lines (instead of existing departmental lines) and a few Independent Members, according to Apex Grade to GMs of Railways

Reportedly, it was a confidence building measure for Railway officials so that they contribute their services and are able to stop productivity and performance of railways depleting any further.

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