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Railway Claims Tribunals gets 14 Technical Members

By IndianMandarins- 28 May 2020


The NaMo administration on Thursday cleared the appointment of 14 Technical Members in Railway Claims Tribunal (RCT) for a period of four years. The list goes like this:

  1. S Anantharaman (Ex-IRTs)
  2. Vijay Kumar (Ex-IRAS)
  3. Sunil Mathur (IRTS)
  4. Jhanja Tripathy (IRAS)
  5. Tanveer Ahmed (Ex-IRAS)
  6. Ajoy Kumar Behera (IRTS)
  7. R K Manocha (IRAS)
  8. N Madhusudana Rao (IRTS)
  9. Dhruv Singh (IRAS)
  10. Leena Sharma (IRTS)
  11. Hari Das Gujarati (Ex-IRTS)
  12. Alok Kumar Shukla (IRAS)
  13. Shailendra Kumar Sharma (IRTS)
  14. Ved Prakash (IRAS)

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