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Railway Board gets three Members and three General Managers

By IndianMandarins- 24 Jan 2023


New Delhi (25.01.2023): The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) on Tuesday cleared the Board level appointments at Level 17 (Ex-officio Secretary to the Govt of India). In addition, the appointment of three General Managers was also cleared by the New Delhi Establishment.
The list of newly appointed Members & GMs goes as follows:-
  • Roop N Sunkar (IRSE:1985) was appointed as Member/Infrastructure vice Anil Kumar Lahoti (IRSE:1984). Currently, Sunkar is working as GM, East Coast Railway, Bhubaneswar. He will retire on December 31, 2023.
  • Ms Anjali Goyal (IRAS:1985) was appointed as Member (Finance), Railway Board
  • Ms Jaya Varma Sinha (IRTS:1986) was appointed as Member (Operations & Business Development), Railway Board. 
It may be underlined that previously Ms. Goyal and Ms. Sinha were denied empanelment for holding Level-17 posts due to the late filing of Annual Immovable Property Return (AIPR) and vigilance clearance. This time both of them got empanelled and appointed to the respective posts of Member, Railway Board.
Further, three senior officials were empanelled for holding (HAG+) posts and consequently, appointed as General Manager, Railways. Accordingly;
  • Naresh Lalwani (IRSE:1985) was appointed as GM, Central Railways
  • BG Mallya (IRSEE:1985) was appointed as GM, Integral Coach Factory
  • Manoj Sharma (IRSE:1985) was appointed as GM, East Coast Railways. 

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