Post-retirement position & obsession for perpetual extensions?

By Rakesh Ranjan- 18 Sep 2023


New Delhi (18.09.2023): Bureaucrats and Diplomats are trained to mince words and many of them master the art of communication and ‘creative ambiguity’. Recently, one of the senior most Diplomats shot a letter to the state government that engaged him in 2021 for promoting cooperation from foreign countries wherein he played key role on several occasions that was recognised by the government as well. All this while things remained well but the moment state government declined to extend his tenure for longer duration, he chose to shot a letter underlining his unwillingness to accept the extension accorded for mere two weeks. 
A section of insiders say that though he lobbied hard for long extension but the approach was not well received at the top as it appeared not only pompous but self-obsessive as well. He forgot that he was given post-retirement assignment for his diplomatic skillsets and was redeemed for it. He could have gracefully let these 15 days pass without a fuss but bureaucrats donning shoes of politicians, who thrive on speaking, more is new in thing.
(By Rakesh Ranjan)

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