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Natural opponent with similar ideology MNS and SS come face to face on CAA

By IndianMandarins- 10 Feb 2020


A massive rally by MNS leader Sena Raj Thackeray in support of CAA at Azad Maidan in Mumbai is a clear indication that neither the BJP has given up nor the battle in Maharashtra is yet over. Supporting CAA is an issue that even Shiv Sena is doing but this is an attempt by Maratha leader to win over such people who are furious about the Udhdhav’s decision to joining hands with the NCP and the Congress.

The BJP from last two elections was not very keen on joining the SS as it was reportedly fed up with the blackmailing tactics of the SS. Now the BJP is in touch with the MNS in Maharashtra and Raj Thackrey very well understands that MNS and SS cannot coexist. This could also be the last chance for Raj to bounce back. So with the support of the BJP, it will not only strengthen its base but will try to spread across Maharashtra.

Undoubtedly, there is an SS-led government in the state but organisationally the party is getting weaken by the day. While there has been a mixed response on CAA and NRC from the Maharasthra government, but Raj Thackeray’s stand is unambiguous. This has given the BJP a sigh of relief as it is constantly under pressure on the issue. BMC elections are also coming closure and that is the point where they can test their strength which is likely to happen for sure.

At the moment SS is in control of BMC however, the BJP has equal strength. But if cementing between the MNS and the BJP starts, this will be a big challenge for SS for sure.

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