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ISS: Better media management for better image building

By IndianMandarins- 23 Jan 2020


The government is planning to enact a major changed in the list of IIS officers looking after the media management of the government. It has been realized that there is a major shortfall on part of the present officials in handling the media.

Sources said that some of the officers are overburdened with having been assigned five to six ministries while some are either not taking the work assigned to them seriously or unable to carry out the job expected from them. So the major change in the offing very soon with name and plan ready.

The government is under tremendous pressure except on the issues of PMO and home ministry which is better than other ministries and apparently having better performers. Sources said that the list has already been finalized with certain things to get approved before it is formally released.

There is also a lack of coordination between the bureaucracy and the political leadership where the role of these officials come but neither these official take any initiative nor appear active to suggest something. So the government decided to streamline media management of the government and that will start with placing capable officers at the right place.

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