IREDA Celebrates Legacy: Past Leaders Share Vision for Future

By IndianMandarins- 12 Apr 2024


New Delhi (12.04.2024): Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd (IREDA) hosted a gathering on the occasion of “Public Sector Day” on April 10, 2024, bringing together its predecessors and retired employees in a special event aimed at celebrating the organization's legacy and projecting a path forward for continued success. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from most of the superannuated employees, including former CMDs and Directors, who assembled to reminisce and share valuable insights for the future trajectory of the company.
The occasion served as a platform for the esteemed veterans to recount their experiences and offer inputs for further enriching IREDA's journey. Former CMDs and Directors commended the rapid growth trajectory of IREDA and applauded the management's holistic approach towards fostering business success and ensuring the well-being of its workforce, including that of superannuated employees.
Speaking about the significance of the event, CMD, IREDA, Pradip Kumar Das said: "This gathering holds immense significance as it not only honours the contributions of our valued predecessors and superannuated colleagues but also underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Their wealth of experience and insights are invaluable assets that will continue to guide us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of renewable energy development. Our growth story is not just about numbers and achievements; it’s about the people who have been the foundation of our success. We are grateful for the wisdom and guidance of our predecessors, and we look forward to leading IREDA to new heights with the same spirit of excellence and collaboration.”

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