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IRDAI constitutes a working group to study Pandemic Risk Pool

By IndianMandarins- 11 Jul 2020


To study and make recommendations on the formation of an Indian Pandemic Risk Pool, the IRDAI has formed a working groupIt has been given the task to examine the possibility of addressing the different risks which have arisen out of a COVID-19 pandemic with the help of a “Pandemic Risk Pool”. 

These risks include Business Interruption losses without concurrent Material damage loss, loss of employment would result in huge losses much beyond the capacity of Government /Insurers /Reinsurers. Executive Director of IRDAI Suresh Mathur will be the Chairman for the 9-member working group. Members of the group are: Suchita Gupta, Hitesh Kotak, Ankur Nijhawan, Susilendra Rao, Shilpa Yadav, M.N.Munshi, Ajay Kumar, and Saba Talukdar.

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