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Gita Acharan 160: Because... They Say So

By K Siva Prasad- 26 Mar 2023


26.03.2023: Arjun says, "You are the supreme Spirit, the supreme Abode, the supreme Purifier, the eternal, the divine, the primal God, unborn and omnipresent (10.12). All the sages like Narada, Asita, Devala, and Vyasa confirm this, and now you yourself are saying this (10.13). I accept all that you said as true, for O Lord, neither the gods nor the demons can understand your glorious personality" (10.14). 
Role models play an important role and all of us grow up admiring them. Parents are role models to children; teachers to students; achievers and successful people in the subsequent stages of life. It is useful to derive inspiration in the initial stages, but the pitfall is that they can become crutches at later stages. A baby should be able to drop off (transcend) the walker to have the pleasure of walking and running. It's about realising that role models are like milestones and not the destination. 
Arjun is also using role models like Narada and Vyasa to support his beliefs. It appears that he is yet to trust Krishna and this is the universal problem where identifying divinity in front of us is a struggle. 
Arjun further says, "You alone know yourself through your own potency, O Supreme Being, origin of all life forms, Lord of beings, God of gods, Lord of the universe (10.15). Please enlighten me about your divine manifestations by which you pervade all the worlds (10.16). O supreme mystic, how can I know you in constant thought, and in what various forms am I to meditate on you (10.17). O Janardhana, describe in detail your mystic power and opulences, for I can never hear enough of your nectar" (10.18). One thing that comes out is Arjun's honesty about his ignorance and his willingness to learn.

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