Four officers laterally shifted to MHA, NITI & DFS

By IndianMandarins- 26 Oct 2019


The NaMo administration on Friday laterally shifted as many four officers, including two IAS, to various departments and organisations as follows:

  1. Alok Tiwari (IAS:2007:UP) laterally shifted from Cabinet Secretariat to the Department of Financial Service as Deputy Secretary for a period ending 21.08.2020.
  2. Ms Jyoti Yadav (IAS:2009:UK) laterally shifted from MHA to the Department of Commerce at Deputy Secretary level for a period ending 13.06.2023. Presently, she is Director Census Operations, Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Mudita Mishra (IOFS:2001), Director in the Department of Financial Service was on Friday laterally shifted to the Office of Development Commissioner (Handicraft) as Additional Development Commissioner (Director level) under the Ministry of Textiles.
  4. Alok Mishra (IIS:1998), presently Deputy Secretary, LBSNAA, was on Friday laterally shifted to NITI Aayog as Director for a period ending 06.11.2020.

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