Former IPS officer comes forward to support upright journalists and social workers in distress

By IndianMandarins- 09 Jul 2020


It has been observed in the past two-three months that some honest, impartial journalists, upright and selfless social workers, and some unemployed persons in the society are facing severe financial distress. So much so that their families were unable to meet their daily expenses. This distressing information was reaching to Pankaj Choudhary (Ex-IPS: 2009:Rajasthan) and his wife Mukul Pankaj Choudhary from various sources. 

The Choudhary couple realized and decided that help must reach to these people in these unusual circumstances so that their faith in the system remains intact and their hope for life gets emboldened. And they are able to come out of depression and become effective for the society and the country to give voice to crores of poor people. So Choudhary couple decided to help such people secretly with the help of other influential people from across the country.

They decided to help 50 selected people by providing them Rs 15,000 each for the next six months that is from July to December 2020. The situation will be reviewed in January 2021. With this hope that this will help them meet their daily needs and other concerns.

Choudhary’s friends from across the country have come forward to help Choudhary couple in this endeavor who are taking this forward for the next six months. They are keeping names of the person secret who are provided with assistance so their self-respect does not get hurt.

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