Dear @IASassociation....tweets film actor Swara Bhaskar peeved with a senior IAS officer’s tweets

By IndianMandarins- 21 Jul 2020


“Dear @IASassociation, do your officers not have enough work? This creepy old uncle ji seems to be totally jobless and a little obsessed with me! Pls offer him some counseling sessions. Since he seems unfit to be an officer of the Indian Bureaucracy”. This is what renowned film actor Swara Bhaskar commented in one of her latest tweets.

Swara is more peeved for being called a C-grade actor by an IAS officer and asked the IAS Association for counseling of the said IAS officer. She calls him unfit to be an officer of the Indian Bureaucracy”.

So the complaint of Swara is more or less taken care of as the IAS officer in question is retiring this month but her woes are likely to be amplified as he will no more be bound with code of conduct of service rules. Swara herself has breached her limits on various occasions in the name of freedom of expression. Moreover, she too is a public figure and must be ready for such remarks.

Swara has tagged Dixit’s tweet reading “Kangana Ranaut called @ReallySwara a B-grade actress. This is not acceptable. This really shocking. I hate Kangana for not telling the truth that Swara is a C-grade actress”.

Going by the track record of tweets Sanjay Dixit has been infamous for sharing fake posts and news with communal undertones and even criticises Modi government’s policies on Twitter. In his earlier tweets Dixit had questioned Modi Government’s policies adopted dealing with internal and external issues.

It is alleged that he shared a story about unpaid electricity bills of Jama Masjid which was found fake. Further, he had also shared a fake letter ‘exposing’ the West Bengal’s government’s ‘pro-Muslim policies’ and labelled the state as “Islamic state of West Bangladesh”. Later he had deleted the tweet after getting called out by Kolkata Police on Twitter.

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