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Chairman, CBDT: Appointment of Mohapatra’s successor becomes tricky

By IndianMandarins- 14 Apr 2022


New Delhi (14.04.2022): Speculations are rife over the continuation or non-continuation of outgoing CBDT Chairman JB Mohapatra (IRS IT:1985). Some officials believe that he may have conveyed his unwillingness to continue, but another group of officers reject this information as hearsay and believe that the truth will unfold itself sooner than later.  

Amid speculations about Mohapatra, CBDT is also abuzz with the opening of old vigilance cases that may have eclipsed the prospects of two senior members while paving the way for two women members to contest for the top CBDT job in case Mohapatra retires as scheduled.

Among the two women contenders, Ms. Sangeeta Singh (IRS IT:1986), Member, Audit & Judicial, has 11 months on hand to retire from service. Having held two additional charges the establishment has already signaled that Ms. Singh is in its good books thus a natural claimant for the top job of the Board.  

However, Ms Pragya Sahay Saksena (Member, Legislation & Systems) also stands a fair chance for the Chairperson post in the next round of vacancies in view of her age advantage whereas for certain reasons Ms. Subashree Anantkrishnan (1987) is seen to retire as Member in November next year.  

Whatever happens to the appointment of Mohapatra’s successor, senior member Anuja Sarangi  (IRS IT:1985), Admin & Faceless Scheme, and Nitin Gupta (IRS IT:1986), Investigation may lose the opportunity for heading the Board in view of recent developments. 

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