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CBI conducts raids at 25 places in an ongoing investigation of a case

By IndianMandarins- 20 Nov 2020


New Delhi (19.11.2020): The Central Bureau of Investigation conducted searches in 25 places including Guntur District & Hyderabad at the premises of former MLA of Gurazala Constituency (Andhra Pradesh) and others including private persons etc. in an ongoing investigation of a case. During searches, several incriminating documents, mobile phones, material objects, and cash have been recovered.

In pursuance of the Notification issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and further Notification issued by DoPT (Govt of India), CBI has taken over  17 cases of illegal limestone mining from CBCID, Andhra Pradesh, and registered a case on 26 August 2020 against 17 accused.

It was alleged that the accused had fraudulently conducted illegal and unauthorized mining, quarrying, and transportation of limestone in Konanki village of Piduguralla Mandal, Kesanupalli and Nadikudi Villages of Dachepalli Mandal, Guntur District for several years and thereby caused revenue loss to the Government and other licensed leaseholders, and also exploited the natural resources. It was further alleged that illegal mining of several lakh tones of limestone was conducted by the accused during the period from 2014 to 2018, as a result of which, natural resources worth several crores of rupees have been plundered.

In order to ascertain the quantum of unauthorized and illegal mining, CBI is also conducting volumetric analysis by using satellite imagery.

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