Twitter war between Haryana IAS officers Khemka and Verma

By IndianMandarins- 10 May 2022


Chandigarh (10.05.2022): After lodging FIRs against each other, Haryana IAS officers Ashok Khemka (IAS: 1991: HY) and Sanjeev Verma (IAS: 2004: HY) are now involved in a poetic discourse on Twitter.
Khemka tweeted on Sunday a verse from poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s ‘Rashmirathi’ to vent his feelings. The verse broadly indicated: ‘though mud has been thrown at him conspiratorially, he is ready for this test’. “When a man is on the path of destruction, he first loses his wisdom,” the tweet said quoting Dinkar.
On Monday, Verma, who is the HSWC managing director, responded with his own tweet: “A self-evident fact requires no proof. The result will bring out the truth.” He also quoted a verse from Dinkar’s ‘Rashmirathi’ in the tweet: “Mountains acting as obstructions start cracking from the force of smooth water currents, not because of any conspiracy.”

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