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Three senior IAS officers put on the wait

By IndianMandarins- 18 Jan 2019


At least, three senior IAS officers are learned to have been put on wait for further posting. For instance, the Union Home Ministry brought Dharmendra Sharma (IAS:1988:UT) to Delhi by replacing him with Parimal Rai as Chief Secretary of Goa but yet he is still awaiting his new posting.


While replacing Jaishree Mukherjee (IAS:1986:MH) with Atul Kumar Tiwary (IAS:1990:KN) as Joint Secretary in the Information & Broadcasting Ministry on December 21 last year, it was said that Ms Mukherjee’s appointment to a new post was expected to be announced soon. She is yet to be given her new assignment.


Further, Sanjay Kumar Singh (IAS:1987:MP), too, has been put on wait while posting Ansuli Arya (IAS:1989:BH) as Administrator, Universal Services Obligation Fund (USOF) this week.

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