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Seven IPS officers in CBI promoted to DIG rank

By IndianMandarins- 08 Aug 2021


New Delhi (11.08.2021): The Government has promoted and appointed as many as seven IPS officers posted as Superintendents of Police (SP) in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to the charge of Deputy Inspector General (DIG).

The list of officers included:

Ashwin Shenvi (IPS: 2006: HY)

R Jayalakshmi (IPS: 2006: AP)

Dr Michaelraj S (IPS: 2006: Jharkhand)

Sudha Singh (IPS: 2006: Odisha)

Mohit Gupta (IPS: 2006: UP)

Anoop T Mathew (IPS: 2006: Jharkhand)

Abhishek Dular (IPS: 2006: HP)

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