Priyanka Gandhi comes to rescue of the Congress in Rajasthan

By IndianMandarins- 13 Aug 2020


Compromise between fractions of Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot has been reached upon with the intervention of Gandhi Family especially due to efforts made by Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. She intervened and saved the Congress not only in Rajsthan but in some adjoining states.

There were 18-22 MLAs supporting Pilot, there might not have been an immediate danger to the Rajasthan government but any further ugly scene in the Congress could have caused irreparable damage to the party. Priyanka Vadra sensed it as she is working in Uttar Pradesh for 2022 Assembly elections and Gujjar community of which Pilot belongs to has considerable influence in over fifty districts in the state. His ancestral place is also in Uttar Pradesh.

Delhi, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are some other states with a sizable Gujjar population and Pilot have hold over young people. Sources said that to nip the crisis in bud to avoid further fragmentation of Gujjar votes, the Gandhies intervened and some kind of deal has been brokered.

Pilot also knew it well that there was a bumpy ahead for him with strong Gujjar leaders of the BJP besides Vasundhra Raje not wanting him in the party fold as it could have created another power center in the state. Vasundhara Raje meeting with the Central leadership in Delhi in the past week was not without any reason.

Moreover, the pivotal role played by Abdullas not letting Pilot go to the BJP can not be discounted either as they have a very cordial relation with the Gandhies. Pilot joining the BJP will not only impact Rajasthan politics but about half a dozen states including Jammu and Kashmir when it returns to electoral politics.


Pilot has always been the choice of Rahul Gandhi but ever since he relinquished the post of party president, Sonia loyalists have the sway over party decisions. This resulted in Ashok Gehlot getting the coveted post and Pilot being relegated to his deputy and bickering started. But with the Gandhis intervening, it is expected all hatchets are buried for once and all.

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