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PC Modi & Aditya Vikram appointed Member in CBDT: An inside story

By IndianMandarins- 07 Aug 2018


The Govt, on Monday, cleared the appointments of Aditya Vikram (IRS:1982) and Pramod Chandra Modi (IRS:1981) to the post of Member, CBDT w.e.f. 01 February 2018 and 01 March 2018 respectively. The appointments will give a cushion to the country’s top tax administration body, though for a while.


It may be mentioned that the posts of Member (Investigation) and Member (IT and Computerisation) fell vacant in February whereas the posts of Member (Revenue and Taxpayers Service) and Member (Administration) fell vacant on June 30 and July 31. Further, two members, Ms Shabri Bhattashali (Member, Audit and Judicial) and Arbind Modi (Member- Legislation), are set to retire in a couple of weeks. It means that the virtual strength of the board was about to collapse which had put the Govt under pressure to plug the gap as soon as possible. 


What needs to be underlined here that the Govt would still be on a look out for four posts of member for the panel year 2018-19. After the deadline (03 Aug) for submission of applications the Govt is said to have been on job to fill the vacancies but a question still haunts the power corridors that if Aditya Vikram’s & P C Modi’s appointments are effective since 01 February and 01 March 2018 then what was need for the inordinate delay in clearing the crucial appointments.


In addition to these appointments there is an interesting angle also. Following these appointments people in power corridors started murmuring that it exposed the rumour by a news website which reported that the Govt scrapped the (previous) panel for the member CBDT. 


Following the two appointments (announced on Monday) those in the know of the affairs say that the guesswork of the news website would have emanated after the Govt, had on July 04, advertised the posts without giving any clue about the number of vacancies. It is said that following the advertisement the guesswork-masters would have jumped to the conclusion, without fearing of being exposed, that the previous panel was scrapped. Some senior IT officials observed that had the previous panel been scrapped appointment of Aditya Vikram and P C Modi would not have been made effective from February 01 and March 01 respectively.

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