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Is PM himself looking the making of budget?

By IndianMandarins- 18 Jan 2020


One might like or dislike policies and ways of the PM and his government on handling certain things but no one can question his commitment on governance. He is not here to give up as grapewine is abuzz that the PM himself is supervising the budget making process so much so that he is looking into every nitty gritty.

His entire focus is on the annual affair to be presented on the first day of February. Even the cabinet is not happening these days due to preparations as it is taking major part of his time in looking and discussing the matter and giving them final shape issue by issue. In between, he is meeting with the council of minister and with such ministers who had fallen short of performance.

Officers involved in the budget making process too have to put in long working hours with the PM, if sources are to be believed something good is likely in the entire budget announcments. Let’s keep fingures crossed.

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