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Defence PSUs: 27 officers appointed as CMD and Director in various DPSUs

By IndianMandarins- 05 Aug 2021


New Delhi (05.08.2021): Ministry of Defence on August 04, 2021 selected 27 senior officials belonging to IOFS, IDAS cadres and the Indian Army for appointment as Board of Directors of the various Defence PSUs (DPSUs). This list of 27 includes seven CMDs, seven Director (Finance) and six Director (HR) posts and seven Director (Operations) post in various DPSUs.

Officers selected for CMD posts in various Defence PSUs:

  1. Sanjeev Kishore (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Vehicles, Avadi (Chennai)
  2. Ravi Kant (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Ammunition & Explosives (Pune)
  3. Rajeev Puri (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Ancillary, Ambajhari (Nagpur)
  4. Sanjiv Kumar (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Opto-Electronics (Dehradun)
  5. Santosh Kumar Sinha (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Troop Comfort Items (Kanpur)
  6. VK Tiwari (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Parachute (Kanpur)
  7. Rajesh Choudhary (IOFS/OFB)- CMD, Weapons & Equipment (Kanpur)

Officers selected for Director (Finance) posts in various Defence PSUs:

  1. AK Pradyot (IDAS/CGDA)- Director (Finance), Opto-Electronics (Dehradun)
  2. Vivek B Umap (IDAS/CGDA)- Director (Finance), Ancillary, Ambajhari (Nagpur 2)
  3. Vivek C Verma (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Finance), Ammunition & Explosives (Pune)
  4. C. Ramachandran (IOFS/OFB)- Dir (Finance), Vehicles, Avadi (Chennai) 
  5. Ravin Kulshreshtha (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Finance), Weapons & Equipment (Kanpur)
  6. Surendra Dhapodkar (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Finance), Parachute (Kanpur)
  7. Sanjeev Kumar Saxena (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Finance), Troop Comfort Items (Kanpur)

Officers selected for Director (HR) post in various Defence PSUs:

  1. Maj Gen Ravi R. Patil (Indian Army)- Director (HR), Troop Comfort Items (Kanpur)
  2. Ms. Anupma Tripathi (IOFS/OFB)- Director (HR), Weapons & Equipment, Kanpur
  3. Gurudutta Ray (IOFS/OFB)- Director (HR), Ancillary, Ambajhari (Nagpur)
  4. Biswaranjan Pattanaik (IOFS/OFB)- Director (HR), Vehicles, Avadi (Chennai)
  5. Debashish Banerjee (IOFS/OFB)- Director (HR) Ammunition & Explosives (Pune)
  6. Satyabrata Mukherjee (IOFS/OFB)- Director (HR), Opto-Electronics (Dehradun)

Officers selected for Director (Operations) post in various Defence PSUs:

  1. GC Agnihotri (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Opto-Electronics (Dehradun)
  2. SK Rout (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Ammunition & Explosives (Pune)
  3. Sunil Date (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations & HR), Parachute (Kanpur 3)  
  4. AK Maurya (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Weapons & Equipment (Kanpur)
  5. Sanjay Dwivedi (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Vehicles, Avadi (Chennai)  
  6. AN Srivastava (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Ancillary, Ambajhari (Nagpur)
  7. Atul Gupta (IOFS/OFB)- Director (Operations), Troop Comfort Items (Kanpur)

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