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AP CS in trouble of his own making

By IndianMandarins- 03 Apr 2019


By kowtowing to CM C B Naidu, AP Chief Secretary Anil Chandra Punetha, who is due to retire next month, may seem to have harmed his own cause and tarnished his reputation at the fag-end of his career.

As was expected, the Chief Election Commission (CEC) has taken him to task for defying its order to transfer three IPS officers, including State Intelligence chief AB Venkateswara Rao. Punetha was reportedly summoned by the CEC on Monday to explain the circumstances that led him to override its order.

On the night of March 26, the CS issued a GO (716) transferring Intelligence DG Venkateswara Rao and SPs of Srikakulam and Kadapa districts following the directions of the CEC. However, the very next day, two different GOs (720 and 721) were issued in the name of the CS.

The GO 720 was issued canceling the GO 716 and notifying only the transfers of SPs of Srikakulam and Kadapa districts. And in the GO 721, the CS enclosed the list of police officers to be designated for election-related duties. In the list, officers from the Director General of Police to police constable were designated for poll duties but the Intelligence DG was exempted.

In the GO 721, the CS also cited a letter from the DGP to him the previous day (after issuing the orders transferring all the three IPS officers) based on which the order was issued.

Further, after the government notified his transfer relieving him from the post of Intelligence chief and directed him to report to the Head Office, AB Venkateswara Rao is reported to have applied for leave for two months.

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