A friendly fight between BJP and BJD in Odisha

By IndianMandarins- 15 May 2024


Bhubaneshwar (15.05.2024): Despite V K Pandian (Retd IAS: 2000: OD), the possible successor of Odisha Chief minister Navin Patnaik, trying hard to ally with the BJP, Patnaik decided to go it alone for the reason that this would help the Congress to regain in the state up to 25 per cent. But the inside story is different. Grapevine is abuzz that there is a tacit understanding that the BJD will go slow in parliamentary elections while BJP will compromise on Assembly elections which is visible from the fact that Patnaik is not addressing meetings where important BJP leaders are contesting like Dharmendra Pradhan, Sambit Patra and Jai Panda et al. There are simultaneous Assembly and LS Polls in Odisha.

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