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CBI and Kumar to face off each other in Shillong today

By IndianMandarins- 09 Feb 2019


The CBI and Kolkata police commissioner Rajiv Kumar may face off each other in Shillong today on February 9. Both of them will be exposed to each other's capability in mental maneuvering. What may eventually come out from their face-off would be keenly watched not only by millions of duped investors of subterranean chit funds that have for decades been flourishing in the eastern part of the country but the nation as a whole. The reason for the country's interest in the latest political drama is the criminal nexus between most of these chit funds and political demagogues.


Meantime, in the continuing battle between the central and state government, Bengal police raided the offices of Angela Mercantile Pvt Ltd in search of finding some 'dirt' about former interim CBI chief M Nageswara Rao. What the state police discovered isn't known. But Rao quickly issued a press statement, detailing his wife and her cousin's legitimate transactions with the company. He added in the statement that these transactions were duly notified to the competent authority.


Further, state chief minister Mamta Banerjee escalated her war of words with the central government. Speaking on the sidelines of Bengal Global Business Summit, she refuted the Centre's charge that certain IPS officers had participated in her dharna and insisted that the officers were present at the protest venue to oversee security. "I will give these five senior officials the highest state honor 'Bangabibhusan' if the Centre takes back their medals. Also, I will send a strongly-worded letter, if they send me one," Banerjee said.

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