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Is PK’s professional advise to AAP a bigger reason for fall out from JD(U)?

By IndianMandarins- 30 Jan 2020


You can’t sink the ship you too are sailing in, this is the crux of the story of departure of Prashant Kishor from JD(U). When a political strategist speaks his mind in public instead of giving indoor suggestion to the top leadership of the party he is a formal member then there is something wrong somewhere but departure could have been respectable. At least the way Prashant Kishor has fallen out of the JD(U) gives testimony to the fact that it was more than CAA that caused his exit.

Actually his professional interests have been in clash with the JD (U), so he was looking for some way out and JD (U) too was feeling the burden of having him in the party. When Prashant Kishor started looking after pool management of AAP, the first thing that he did was suggesting AAP to attack Manoj Tiwari by calling Pinkiya ke Papa making him a political pigmy.

Amid talks between the BJP and JD(U), these things have not gone down well with the alliance which has a bigger plan with poorvanchalies with this alliance in Delhi, Bihar and West Bengal. Pawan Verma spoke for Kishor questioning JD(U) alliance with the BJP in Delhi. Actually JD(U) joining hands with BJP in Delhi will disturb his strategy for West Bengal

Prashant Kishor committed mistake once against by putting on shoes much bigger than his size. So they constantly attacked the JDU’s decision on CAA but he actually wanted his professional outreach to grow. He is likely to join Trinamool Congress soon. But his advises on poorvanchalies to AAP infuriated not only the BJP but also JDU.  

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