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Art of survival is not easy

By IndianMandarins- 26 Oct 2018


Even as secular and idealistic power brokers and 'Kursi lovers' engage themselves and entertain others with their penetrating thoughts and analyses about the survivability of the NaMo administration, smart and practical ones are already jockeying for positions in the next round of Modi dispensation.

One such top official, possibly the smartest of all (known for high-profile, low content & loud presentation) is believed to have been angling for another extension of his prestigious assignment. He is said to complete the extended tenure early next year. And to ensure that he gets the desired extension, he is deliberately avoiding the limelight and maintaining a low profile to prevent his detractors from locking in on to him and initiate their poisonous whispers against him. 


As it is, it hasn't been easy for many officials to survive the style of functioning of the NaMo administration. So, if the official  of our story has survived and flourished in the NDA regime as he did during his long years of posting in a politically difficult state, he seems to be made of the stuff that no politician may afford to ignore. Since his sense of timing is also perfect, it may be no wonder if he may be still around if NaMo returns to power in 2019.

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