Factual-mistakes causing embarrassment to I&B !

By IndianMandarins- 14 Jan 2022


New Delhi (14.01.2022): One of the most ambitious projects of the New Delhi dispensation to reach out to people as remote as Panchayat level has not only lost its trajectory but purpose as well on many counts. But what has it done recently, none of the historians have been able to do by making Swami Vivekanand and Ramana Maharshi as inspirations of the 1857 revolt against the British? Vivekanand and Ramana were born in 1863 and 1879, respectively. People in the ministry say that project has been the habitual offender of this kind and has an uncheckered track record of carrying such mistakes. Grapevine is abuzz that putting a premium on failure has become a norm here as selective members of the team that has been making such goof-ups have been given huge salary raises. The minister concerned is furious but any action is not his cup of tea, people of importance in the power corridor put it in this way.

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