Tarun Bajaj & Ms Mukherjee are now JS, PMO

Tarun Bajaj IAS, Ms Debashree Mukherjee  IAS

Tarun Bajaj (IAS:HY:1988) and Ms Debashree Mukherjee (IAS:UT:1991) have been appointed as Joint Secretary, PMO.

Tarun Bajaj is presently posted as JS, Department of Economic Affairs whereas Ms Mukherjee is presently serving as JS, M/o Personnel & General Admn (M/O Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions). Prior to her DOPT assignment (vice M Devraj) she served in cadre as CMD, Delhi Transport Commissioner (till Feb 2015).

Bajaj will continue to serve at centre till 09 July 2019 whereas Ms Mukherjee has just started her tenure under central deputation and may remain at centre till 2022.