Over a dozen IAS officers awaiting EO’s clearance for offer list (JS rank)

North Block

The decreasing number of IAS officers on offer-list (seeking central deputation in JS Rank posts) has been a matter of murmuring in power corridors these days. Media reports too have been underlining the increasing apprehensions of IAS officers in moving at centre. Earlier 20-25 IAS officers used to appear on offer-list (for JS rank posts) but now it varies between 5-10 only.

Contrary to the media reports it is learnt that more than a dozen files (of IAS officers seeking central deputation under CSS) are pending in DOPT for over one and a half months for want of clearance from EO office. Despite having all requisite clearance files of approx 12-14 IAS officers are keenly waiting to find their names on offer-list.

It may appear as ironies of ‘Iron curtain’ but one can not deny that it may be part of a well though out strategy of DOPT.