When thieves outsmarted an ex-DGP

By M K Shukla- 16 Jan 2021


A pair of thieves, not the globally-reputed brand of socks but a real one, recently got the better of an ex-DGP.
The pair stole a 15-year rare Bonsai plant from the Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad residence of former AP DGP who also was OSD to former Union Minister in Modi 1.0 administration
Although the pair has been identified, the joke is they were not identified by the CCTV cameras installed at ex-DGP's house - as they were dysfunctional. It took four days for the Hyderabad police to identify the thieves; even that became possible only because of the neighborhood cameras.
The amusing part is that his family had placed the rare Bonsai plant not at a safe corner of their bungalow but right in front of the gate, maybe to show off their gardening skill like all retired officials.
The family never thought it could be stolen. And so it happened.
(By M K Shukla)

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